BloodStepp’s “Killer Bass From Outer Space Part 1” Drops on Friday

Bloodstepp has announced the release date and tracklist for part one of his upcoming two part EP set Killer Bass From Outer Space.

Part 1 is scheduled to be released in Australian time on Friday, April 14th (Thursday in USA). The 7 track ep features KidCrusher, Madchild, Corpse Circus, Jahred from (hed) P.E. and more.

You can check out the tracklist below.

  1. Intro
  2. Killer Bass From Outer Space (ft. KidCrusher)
  3. HK6
  4. The Delivery (ft. Miilkbone and Denno)
  5. Transform 2.5 (ft. Madchild and Canibus)
  6. The Twilight Zone (ft. Corpse Circus)
  7. Warlox (ft. Jahred and Chris Rand)
The second part of Killer Bass From Outer Space will be out later this year.

from Faygoluvers


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