Toasted Tweets | Mar. 22, 2017

It’s Spring again. When Spring returns, you can see it, hear it, and you can definitely smell it. It’s a time when flowers of all kinds bud and blossom, when the snow has melted (ha!) and when we all begin to slowly unpack our skimpiest frocks. We break out—emotionally, mentally, and physically! The vitamin D from Uncle Sun flows strong again and back into our depleted systems, and we celebrate! We go on Spring break or just meet up with friends and loved ones for a nice trip to a warm place, the park, a hike or jaunt through nature and we even bring nature with us, which oddly makes nature even more entertaining than it already is. Here is what Twitter is bursting and budding with, in preparation for the return of sweet, sweet Spring.

Here’s someone celebrating Spring after my own heart:

This is definitely not how I will be celebrating Spring…

The days are lengthening…

And with this guy on the loose…

Anything can happen

Wait, noo! Let’s stay positive…

Keep those options open

And appreciate the little things

The yummy things

And of course, the wild things

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