Must-See Interview with the Dark Carnival Games Con Game Leaders Sunday @ 8pm EST

Our homies over at 215 Ninjas are conducting an exclusive interview with the DCG Con Juggalo game leaders Sunday, 3/19, at 8pm EST!

The interview will be live streamed on the 215 Ninjas facebook and will include an exclusive look behind the scenes of the con…and the juggalos who are helping pull everything together! Dope! Peep the flyer:

The interview will feature the following:

  • Morton Chris from Ninjas of Smoke, who will discuss the highly anticipated re-release of Morton’s List  and the 360 Degrees of the Inner Circle (a con exclusive), along with the Morton’s List events popping off all weekend, including mad quest rolls, a white magic spell, a time capsule, and…a fucking juggalo seance? Tune in to hear what the Morton’s List ninjas have in store!
  • The notorious instigator, juggalo extraordinaire, and underground mogul himself, NR4F’s Rude Boi, the legendary nobody, will discuss his truly insane Juggalo Gladiatorial Combat Zone, where you’ll be able to pummel the living daylights out of eachother using medieval weaponry and ninja tactics in an official JCW ring. Got internet drama? Wanna squash beef among the crew? Let Rude Boi settle your drama in a hand to hand combat contest. And with Rude Boi in the house…let’s just say waivers will be necessary…
  • Last but not least, the one and only juggalo icon MANKINI will school us on the debut release of the soon to be infamous party game Juggalos Against Sanity, a collaboration of Psychopathic Records AND the Juggalos that will leave a hot tear running down your bitch ass face as you attempt to discern the line between laughter and pain. This shit is going to be off-the-wall hilarious, and with Mankini at the helm of the JAS Tournament running all weekend long? That shit is going to get nutty.

Wanna learn more about DCG Con from the Juggalos who are running the event? Tune in to 215 Ninjas Sunday, 3/19, 8pm EST to learn more from the ninjas behind the curtain themselves:

215 Ninjas @ Facebook

And if you been living under a rock and ain’t heard about the flavor popping off at DCG Con next month? Get schooled! It’s goin down 4/21-4/23 in Mt Clemens, MI–forty fucking dollars for an entire weekend of concerts, contests, and flavor, where the Jugglas come out to plaaaay:

Tickets @

Mad props to the 215 ninjas! 2 whoops!


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