Mars discusses Blahzay Roze, Glockcoma and Violent J diss on The Faygoluvers Podcast

On episode #15 of The Faygoluvers Podcast we talk with our homie Mars. Mars goes in to great detail about his relationship with Blahzay Roze, Violent J’s diss toward him, his new album coming out titled “Glockcoma,” the new world-wide distribution detail, a new single soon to be released featuring Tech N9ne & Twiztid and more!
This is definitely the most in depth interview I’ve ever conducted.

Also on this episode we feature a clip of me (Rosco) calling into the Replicon Radio show last Moday. Definitely listen in for that. Props to those Replicon ninjas.

Check out the episode, homies!

You can check that out by CLICKING HERE or check out the player below:

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Host: Rosco
Written and Edited by: Rosco
Original Music by: King Lucem Ferre
Guest: Mars
Segment Guest: Replicon Radio

News Segment – Elton John requests Tech N9ne Records at Vancouver records store + Tech’s down for a collab

News Segment – Being Tom Dub: My life with the Insane Clown Posse Released For Kindle

News Segment – ICP Releases Music Video for the Song “Beautiful (Indestructible)” + Rolling Stone Review

News Segment – Majik Ninja Entertainment Hyping Something That Will Happen on Aug. 27th

News Segment – Blahzay Roze No Longer On The Canadian Juggalo Weekend Line-up

News Segment – Boondox debuts “Outlined In Chalk,” “Bloodletting” & “Born In Fire” from new album

News Segment – 2017 Gathering of the Juggalos will be held from Wednesday, July 26th – Saturday, July 29th!

News Segment – Entire NATAS CD Collection Coming to Special Collector’s Box Set, March 31st

News Segment – ICP Reference Featured in the Latest Snoop Dogg Video

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