Lyrically Literature Interviews Kung Fu Vampire on the Duality of Kung Fu Vampire

Recently, an article/interview was released by on that ninja Kung Fu Vampire.

In the article, they speak on the duality of Kung Fu Vampire, the upcoming Canadian Juggalo Day Weekend, musical beginnings and more.

Definitely worth the read, homies.

Check out the article by CLICKING HERE or check that out below:

Much like his musical predecessor and friend, Tech N9ne, Kung Fu Vampire has a strong spiritual duality within himself and the music he presents. Bringing his own ingenuity and authenticity to the genre, Kung Vu Vampire travels with a full-band consisting of a bassist, drummer, and guitarist-his live shows could be mistaken for a heavy metal concert on first glance. Additionally, speaking honest, ominous, dark, aggressive, and sometimes extremely sexual lyrical content, he will be appropriately attending and performing on April 7-8th, 2017 at the first annual, Canadian Juggalo Weekend, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Accompanied by hip-hop legends and masterminds, Insane Clown Posse, Onyx, Ice T, Swollen Members, and The 2 Live Crew, he will also be accompanied by a plethora of rising stars within the metal music, Juggalo, and Canadian hip-hop worlds. Get to know this ass-kicking, nocturnal musician before venturing into the ‘Dark Carnival’ this April…

“I started when I was… twelve, or eleven, playing bass guitar”, Kung Fu Vampire explains about his start in music, while adding that he eventually switched to drums for a small amount of time in junior high and high school. “My first year in high school I played drums for a few weeks and then I got kick outta the band, and I actually threw the drum sticks at the teacher in a huge rage in front of the whole entire fifty person school band”, he calmly says about his departure from drumming. Although, in hindsight, it wasn’t all that bad of a situation as it has lead this San Jose, California raised musician to his true calling as Kung Fu Vampire. “…I call myself the most diverse lyricist in hip-hop. I never say I’m the greatest, or this, or that, or the other, that’s all subjective”, he humbly states about his already illustrious music career, while going on to explain that he has always gave it his all and has always done what he has wanted regardless of its mainstream or public appeal. Gazing into the eyes of what use to be, get to know what lurks deep within Kung Fu Vampire’s soul on one of his newest tracks, “Duality”, featuring Twiztid.

“I just always had a… monster inside of me, and I think a lot of people do but they hide it. I let it out”, Kung Fu Vampire openly and confidently states about himself and his music. “I always say expect the unexpected from Kung Fu Vampire, you know”, he adds stating his music’s mantra. In regards to the upcoming, Canadian Juggalo Weekend, he wants to make sure he mix & mingles with the artists, provides us Canadians with decent merchandise prices, and “I wanna make sure they can shake my hand, and hug me, and do whatever they wanna do…you know what I mean?”, he says in regards to the love and appreciation he aims to provide for all the crazy fans and Juggalos that will be herding into Calgary, Alberta this April. Make sure to buy your tickets before it’s too late.


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