And the Gathering Location is…Still Not Confirmed; News on the Juggalo March!

Alright y’all! We’re like months behind on finding out the location of the Gathering of the Juggalos.  On this episode of the Juggalo Show, we….are still waiting.

Here’s the good news though!  They DO have a location, and here’s what we know about it:

  • There are two date ranges possible.  One is in August which is the one Psychopathic wants, and one is available in late July which is 100% available.
  • The location is as FAR WEST as the Gathering has ever been.
  • Every possible location in or around Denver, Colorado has been researched, requested, and swiftly turned down.
  • They said a date range could be revealed as early as tomorrow!
  • Contracts have been reviewed, reworded, and are awaiting the final signatures before they can reveal the locations.

So the other thing they covered was some news about the Juggalo March Concert Venue!  They didn’t reveal a location, but DID say that they are signing contracts for an OUTDOOR VENUE where there will be Free Camping!  Holy shit!  It’ll be like an east coast Gathering!

We’ll bring you more on both of these topics as soon as we can!

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