200 Juggalos Needed THIS WEEKEND for Atlanta Movie Shoot

Juggalos and Juggalettes in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas…check this out!  If you’ve been sleeping on the details for this movie shoot that I’ve been telling you about, then time is almost up!

This Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th, Juggalos and Juggalettes have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a major motion picture!  That’s right…if you show up, you may find yourself on the big screen!

While I can’t say the name or drop many details about the movie in a post like this, just know that they are recreating the Gathering of the Juggalos for one of the scenes, and specifically the Miss Juggalette Pageant!

If you haven’t been following our Facebook Event Page for the movie shoot, then you have missed out on a few things such as date and location changes.  The random bones have definitely caused ninjas to have to drop out of coming.

HOWEVER, even with all of that, we are already close to the halfway point of being to our goal of 200 Juggalos who have confirmed that they will be there!  I just posted the final dates a few hours ago, so spots are filling up FAST!

Just a quick rundown of what’s going on this weekend:

  • This is a movie shoot being funded by a big company
  • I have been asked to be a consultant of sorts to coordinate this Gathering recreation
  • Saturday (March 11th)’s shooting times are from 4 PM – 4 AM EST.  Please show up an hour early.  Saturday is when we’ll need the most people.
  • Sunday we’ll only need a few dozen Juggalos.  Shooting times are 4 PM – 4 AM EST again.  If you can only show up on one day, pick Saturday.
  • You MUST CONTACT ME with your FULL NAME, the names of those you are bringing, and whether you’re camping at ScottieD@Faygoluvers.net for address info and a photo/video release form.  Your name will be on a list upon arrival.  If you show up and you’re not on the list, and we already are over capacity, you may be turned away.

I’ll update this post if we get beyond the 200 person mark.  If you’re able to make it on Saturday and/or Sunday, please contact me at ScottieD@Faygoluvers.net ASAP!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Go RSVP and read through the details on Facebook at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1838665269709756

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