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Reminder! Our staff journalist Chad Thomas Carsten recently conducted an “Tell All” in-depth interview with the Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore) Knighted vigilante punk rock emcee known worldwide as Daniel Jordan! Its focused on Daniel Jordan’s brand new record “Dark Night of the Soul”, his new controversial Dope Scorsese directed   music video “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” (it already surpassed 10K views), his past music history, and so much more! You can read the full interview at this link here: https://faygoluvers.net/v5/2021/04/daniel-jordan-dark-night-of-the-soul-interview/

But here is a snippet of the interview to get you craving to read more!

Chad Thomas Carsten: How does it make you feel that you’re the only person to have a track that features both Godfathers of hip-hop Blowfly and Dolemite? And its the only track where the two of them worked together?!

DJ: It feels great, it was a historic moment in my life, and now it’s a historic moment in hip-hop. But I never wanted to just be known as that guy who had Blowfly and Dolemite on the same song, I just wanted that to be a feather in my cap. I’ve worked as hard as I could to lay down a legacy that will stand on its own. Because who better to learn from the two of the greats?

DJ: Looking back I was just a young kid who had a lot of crazy dreams and I figured why the hell not? I think Rudy saw that in me and was willing to work with me. If you notice he doesn’t work with just anyone, only a few people and I am one of those few.
Blowfly was on board once he heard I had Rudy in the studio. Blowfly and Tom Bowker (his drummer) thought the idea was crazy as hell and they loved it! The craziest part of that song is I didn’t even have a song ready, I just wanted Rudy and Blowfly on a track, and I didn’t know what the track would even be about. We just made that shit up on the spot, it’s really a song about nothing just talking shit back-and-forth.

CTC: Is your history with Dolemite going to be officially included in his upcoming biography?

DJ: I have not read the biography yet, but I did a lot of consulting with Mark Murray (author) for it. In that particular part of Rudy’s life I’m one of the only few people that has actual stories with him so I would imagine it’s going to be in the book. I basically had to release that info to them. I keep coming across old pictures and footage of us together that people are just seeing. I didn’t know him for a long time but I did spend a good amount of time with him for the short time that I knew him. I do consider him a dear friend and I know he considered me one as well.

CTC: You’ve just recently dropped what underground fans are haling as your most personal record to date “Dark Night of the Soul”! Do you agree that its your most personal record to date? How so?

DJ: All my albums are autobiographical, as personal as they could be. “The Stranger” is just as personal as “Killed By Love”. “Killed By Love” is just as personal as DNOTS. However, musically and lyrically I think I go to places that I’ve never ventured before in my previous releases because as I’m getting older I’m getting a better understanding of myself, therefore I’m able to articulate it better if that makes any sense? I think that’s what you mean by most personal, so I would have to agree.

But I do believe it’s my darkest record, because we are living in dark times. You can’t just give me a year like 2020 with nothing but a drum machine and a pen and pad and not expect me to get inside of my head with it. It’s a very hard album for many people to stomach.

CTC: Can we break down the behind the scene details for the the music video for your single “I don’t Wanna Be Me”?

DJ: That video was seriously torture, but a labor of love, we spent three days filming that video, one or two hours sleep, going to different locations. By the time we got to the final location where I’m carrying this 200 pound cross on my back through the desert I am just exhausted. It’s summertime in Phoenix, over 100°, I hadn’t slept for three days and now I have to carry this big fucking thing. I felt like I was gonna die out there, you can see it in my face. I look half dead. But it was all worth it. You got to be willing to go the extra mile for your art. That cross was not meant to be carried by only one person but Dope Scorsese was like “pick that fucking thing up and carry it”, and through the power of Christ, or whoever, I was able to lift that thing up and perform with it on my back. The cross is chilling in my backyard right now. I’m never getting rid of it.

I didn’t wanna be disrespectful towards Jesus in the video, I believe in God. But I wanted to re…

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