Check Out Replicon Radio’s Exclusive Interview with Bill Mosley!

Yesterday, our homies over at Replicon Radio were able to get an exclusive interview with one of the greatest horror actors alive today, Bill Mosley.

Bill and the Replicon ninjas discuss the upcoming film 3 From Hell, starting his career with Texas Chainsaw Manicure, working with Twiztid and Alla Xul Elu, how Chopton made his career, working on Repo, his music career with Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Buckethead, and more!

Just so you ninjas know, even though this interview just dropped for the general public, it’s actually been available online for the past 12 days! The only way you could have heard it early was by becoming a member over at Replicon Radio’s Patreon page. Hit that up by CLICKING HERE and get that early access that will make all of your Juggalo friends jealous as fuck! (I want my cut, Freaky P)

That full interview is available right now for your listening pleasure at or you can check out the video below.

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