Twiztid Speaks to No Jumper on their Psychopathic departure, Warped Tour, Juggalos, the March, more!

Yesterday, we posted the No Jumper interview with Twiztid in our Videos section.   I posted it without having a chance to really check it out, because it’s close to 1-1/2 hours long.

During this interview, Madrox and Monoxide speak on a ton of different subjects including their stint on the Warped Tour, their face paint, growing up in the hood, how they met each other, their long and storied career, defending Juggalos, and more!

Most notably, they spoke more than I can recall in an official interview about their departure from Psychopathic Records.   It provides some insight from Twiztid/MNE’s perspective, and I know that some Juggalos have been waiting for them to speak on it.   If you jump to the 50 minute mark, that’s where it starts.

It’s a really good interview, and I love how candid Madrox and Monoxide are with Adam.  If you didn’t check it out yesterday, click play on the video below!

Let us know your thoughts on everything below!

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