Drive-By’s New EP “4 The OG’s” Physical Copies Available Now!

A little while ago we announced that Drive-By was going to be releasing an album digitally within the next few weeks. Well not even a week has passed and we already have the brand new album available at! We did say it was going to be a digital only release but it looks like that wasn’t the case because the album available is a physical CD copy!

The album is an EP that comes with seven tracks. That’s six songs and an intro. You can order that right now by CLICKING HERE or, if you’re going to be hitting up a date on the Juggalo Unity Tour, starting tomorrow (Jan 12th) they’ll also be available at the merch booth!

For those of you that don’t give a shit about physical copies (do you even juggle, bro?) don’t worry because the digital release we originally announced is still coming. That’s going to be dropping on Jan 25th so you don’t have too long to wait on that. You’ll be able to find that on pretty much every digital outlet.

I can’t wait to hear this shit.

Click to order

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