Hurricane Florence Preparedness and Response

Juggalos, we fucking love you.  I can’t tell you how much it hurts my heart to tell you about ninjas who have passed, are going through addiction or family issues, or are just straight up down on their luck.  That being said, if you’re in the Carolinas, or anywhere in the path of the potentially catastrophic storms coming your way, please do what’s best for you and your family and GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE.  You can say “I told you it wouldn’t be that bad” after it passes.  I’m OK with that. But if it doesn’t, and is even worse than what is being predicted, you’ll be happy that you left.

Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit hit me up this afternoon because he loves all of us too.  Please take a minute to read his advice, and take it seriously.  Much love to all of you, and please stay safe.

Juggalos, Ninjas, and Family,

As many of you probably already know, Hurricane Florence is currently in the Atlantic Ocean and is steadily tracking towards the East Coast with all the power one would expect from Mother Nature…. the storm is being called “…devastating”, “…life-ending”, and “…massively damaging to the southeastern and mid-Atlantic states”.

Having been through 4 hurricanes myself, I am personally begging those reading – IF you are reading this and you are in this storm’s expected path – GET OUT! Flee. Find a ride. Get out of its initial land-fall range. Much like Hurricane Katrina, this is a storm coming at the U.S. coast with a force that cannot be exactly guessed at (as it is still growing in strength – currently a category 4/wind speeds topping 140 MPH) AND CAN KILL YOU! Please do not try to stay at home and ‘ride-it-out’ during this monstrous storm!

We with SCU are keeping a close eye on this storm and IF the storm’s impact and effects are what we expect, SCU will be kicking off a fundraising drive with ALL PROCEEDS going to the recover operations, which is expected to impact several states, cities, towns, and small communities over a 400 mile-wide path that could reach several hundred miles into our country (depending on the storm’ path and final strength upon making landfall). As this is also a slow-moving storm, there is an expected 20 to 30 inches of rainfall, with will overload drainage, pumping capabilities, and flooding out probably hundreds of thousands of homes. SCU wants to be there to help, and we will be reaching out to you – the Juggalo Family – to help stand in the gap and assist in many ways – from clothing drives to donation of funds going to critical response organizations who will be there to help in the recovery effort. SCU will stay in tune and depending on the situation, will attempt to kick off the correct type of fundraising drive.

Since this storm is so clearly tracking to deliver a massive blow to our nation, we are asking in advance that everyone please do the following over the next few days:

  • Pray for millions of American’s in this storm’s path…
  • Keep track of those loved ones/family, and friends that you know are in that region…
  • Please begin considering how you can help out once the storm has delivered its wrath upon the east coast…

As of today, SCU is expecting to announce a fundraising drive with benefits going help in recovery efforts (Just like we ALL did after Hurricane Harvey). Once the storm clears and we see what is left and to be dealt with, SCU will send out another announcement.

It is our hopes that the storm takes a last minute northern turn, thereby avoiding the coast and inner population, but all tracking confirms South & North Carolina is about to take a very serious hit. We pray that the loss of life is nil, or minimal… but with over 1,700 lost in Harvey and almost 3,000 lost in Maria, there is a very high likelihood that this storm will also be just as deadly.

Hoping upon hope that is not the case…

Family, please be ready to assist if/when its time for the Juggalos around the world to take action.

Much love and with deepest prayers all our family and all our fellow citizens safely make it through this storm. Homes, cars, and possessions can be replaced – human life cannot.

Thank you,

Bob Adams

Founder: Scrub Care Unit / SCU Charities

from Faygoluvers


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