Menacide “Reign Supreme” Book One Track-listing & Pre-order Links

A little over a week ago  Murder Mitten emcee Menacide announced the pre-order date for Book One of his double LP, Reign Supreme.  Not long after the article was published, I received a mysterious email with the screen name Chaos3567. The subject matter being simply “hip-hop”. I thought it was in regards to someone wanting me to peep their music or just an artist simply wanting to network for a music project.  Well, it contained the entire track-listing with no proper written email. Just the tracklisting with the album title Reign Supreme, not even mentioning Menacide. Weird stuff happens when you’re a music journalist, but this something so damn random.  I sat on the e-mail for a minute and decided to update the Menacide “Reign Supreme” Book One Pre-Order article by just casually letting readers know the track list may have been e-mailed to me and that FLH would further investigate. I wasn’t sure what to say to Menacide. I was a tad worried to be frankly honest. I know the dude is mad chill, but I didn’t want to upset him or somehow get caught up in some sort of hip-hop retaliation extravaganza moment. Leaking an artist’s stuff is wack.  But I gained the confidence to hit up Menacide personally and asked if the  track-listing contained within the e-mail was legit.   But all was good in the end. The track listing was indeed, legit! Proper track-listing order and everything. Menacide was just pleased at the fact the leak didn’t end up across social media and here we are now.

So here it is hip-hop enthusiasts! The official track-listing for Book One of  Menacide’s highly awaited double LP Reign Supreme!

Reign Supreme (Book One) Tracklist:

  1. niTRO
  2. Reign Supreme
  3. John Cena Shxt (Feat. Dubbs)
  4. No Dayz Off
  5. Classick (Feat. McNastee & Shawn Collins)
  6. Real MF’s
  7. Grind Hard (Feat. Don Orias)
  8. Have Mercy (Feat. Dubbs)
  9. Smokin’ Loud (Feat. Danny Drive By)
  10. I Love My Homies (Feat. J Reno)
  11. Arizona Sunshine (Feat. Emerg McVay)
  12. Like This (Feat. The Jokerr & McNastee)
  13. UFC (Feat. DurtE & McNastee)
  14. I Remember You (Feat. Shawn Larson)
  15. Walk On By (Feat. Dubbs & McNastee & ???)

Holy shit, fam! By looks of this pure fire track-listing, this album is straight up going to wake the hip-hop community up like electric shock therapy on Sunday morning before a balanced nutritional breakfast. Get hype and  pe-order Book One of Reign Supreme, which is due out on September 7th, right here:


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