Rittz Looking For Musicians for possible Touring Opportunities

Not long ago, Rittz put the call out that he is looking for some musicians to practice a live show with, which could ultimately lead to touring opportunities!  He’s looking specifically for singers, keyboard players, guitarists, bass players, and even a drummer.  Check out the full post below.

From Rittz’s Facebook:

I’m looking for dope talented musicians to start practicing with and possibly tour with in the future. I need a skilled keyboard player, guitar player, bass player, possibly a drummer and DEFINITELY a male background singer that can hit the high notes and do falsetto. Send a video of you playing or singing to one of my songs to rittz770@gmail.com YOU MUST HAVE SKILLZ AND YOU MUST HAVE SOME SOUL IN YOUR BLOOD. Can’t wait to hear from y’all. Rittz770@gmail.com

He made a video about it too, which you can see below:

Get those submissions in ASAP!

from Faygoluvers


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