Scrub Care Unit updates us on Hurricane Harvey Benefit

Juggalos and Juggalettes…a few months ago, we posted a few updates about Hurricane Harvey and attempting to raise money for them.  The one that got picked up on by several people, including Psychopathic Records and Majik Ninja Entertainment, can be seen right here.

The homies Bob and Lisa Adams as well as John Shaw have put together an update about the donation drive, which include personal thank-yous to everyone who donated.  They speak on the recovery effort which is far from over, and speak on the organization they ultimately decided to donate everyone’s contributions to.  You can see the full break down in the email below.


Before I get to the reason you’re reading this update, I first wanted to apologize for the delay in getting this update out and recognition to everyone that participated. Last November my wife (Lisa) was offered a promotion in the Beaumont, TX area – which she accepted – and that started a straight maelstrom of activities and work for both John and I (he flew in from Beatrix, NE to come help this ninja move – MUCH LOVE JOHN!) and the result of all this was all my time has been at a true premium… Then when we arrived in the Hurricane Harvey ravished area of Beaumont (they recorded over 52″ of flooding in the very RV park where we are currently living), it took almost 6 weeks to get settled, internet connectivity, and ability for yours truly to get this message out to you all – the Juggalo family.  My sincere apologies to all those that donated, this letter and recognition should have been sent out over a month ago!

History: As most of you remember, Hurricane Harvey came rampaging into the state of Texas, resulting in terrible storm damage normally associated with category 4 hurricane hitting a heavily populated area – namely Houston and the surrounding areas. The results of the storm, while expected, were still very devastating to those in Texas, and particularly the Houston and immediate surrounding low-lying areas. Of the 104 recorded deaths caused by Harvey, 103 were in the state of Texas.  Hundreds of thousands of homes were flooded and destroyed, over 300,000 were displaced for months, and over 17,000 people required rescuing as flooding occurred faster than evacuations would allow.

Personal Note: Since the wife and I now reside just outside of Beaumont, TX (about 90 minutes outside of Houston) I can testify that ANY road you drive down – between here and Houston – the evidence of the destruction is very easy to see. Entire homes gutted/falling in on themselves. The contents of all the homes either still hanging in trees; piled up in front of their homes; or being placed alongside roadways so that way state trash services can come and attempt pickup – many homes requiring several trips just to pick up the evidence of ruined property and possessions – rendering entire lifetimes/generations of memories into nothing more than trash looking for a landfill to take it. EVERYWHERE you look, families are living out of campers in their front/side yards (much like this ninja). Being a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, I can tell you that in my opinion Harvey did far more damage than Katrina due to the unbelievable amount of rainfall that came with it and resulting in several hundred thousand homes being unlivable! (Katrina estimated at 125B / Harvey current estimate is 161B…and growing).

What does all this mean to the Juggalo family??: Well, as you might recall, Scrub Care Unit (or “SCU” – your Juggalo-based 501c3 – scrubs helping scrubs), started a donation drive with intention that all donations were to be directed towards the recovery efforts for those impacted by Harvey. Launched on Facebook and hugely promoted by FaygoLuvers, the request for help went out to the family at large (THANK YOU Scottie D!!). Psychopathic Records got wind of this and invited SCU on the next possible podcast to help promote/raise awareness (THANK YOU Jumpsteady, Rudy, and all you wonderful ninjas over there at Psychopathic!!) and with that, the Juggalo family started to reply and get involved.

Results: As a result, over $1,400.00 was raised and donated “…on behalf of Juggalos everywhere” (with many others stating they had already donated, or would have also sent in and added to the total…)! WHOOP WHOOP my ninjas. Never before had I been more proud to be a Juggalo and many of you responded exactly as I had prayed you would.

Juggalo Family Note: SCU’s original intention was to donate a portion to Red Cross (remember, this ninja was a Hurricane Katrina evacuee and the Red Cross helped myself and my family A LOT when we landed/relocated in St. Louis from New Orleans…) and then spread the remaining out to Houston area efforts. HOWEVER, many of the Juggalo family hit us up and made it very clear that they all felt that the Red Cross might not be the best route to send the funds due to concerns about their national spending practices/amount spent on “other operations”…. So, we then went back to the proverbial ‘drawing board’ and started looking at those charities that stepped up the quickest and was already hustling to try to help folks. This led us to the decision to donate the funds raised to the Houston Habitat for Humanity as their efforts were (and still are) focused on getting people BACK in their homes – with winter quickly coming – as a top priority and as soon as possible!

Hurricane Harvey Heroes: As the title of this message conveys, the true heroes are not SCU nor FaygoLuvers nor Psychopathic Records (we had the easy and smaller roles to play) – nor my family, the true heroes are all the below named ninjas that took action and gave both money, time, and support to those THEY NEVER MET while in their time of need after this countries most expensive hurricane on record. I am beyond proud to report to you all that these folks are the true heroes of our Juggalo family (names listed in order, from first at top to last at the bottom of the list, as the donations were received to SCU PayPal account):

  • Campfires N Amplifiers
  • Brian Pruccolli
  • Hanging City Body Modifications
  • Rosalinda Granados
  • Genevieve Goold
  • Joshua Dausinger
  • Steven Voroselo
  • Nicholas Field
  • Creative Technical Services, LLC
  • Jordan Quinn
  • Christopher Cabrera
  • ThisnThat
  • Jason Pica
  • Kristina Schemm
  • Wholesale Vapes
  • David Mardeusz
  • Vinzayz
  • Dan Galvin
  • Matthew Brewer
  • Vinzayz (yes, he donated twice)
  • Photos by Cherry Bomb
  • Rebecca Hoehle
  • Benjamin Wilson
  • Rachel Vasquez
  • Michael Cress
  • Barbara Hensley
  • Craig Dickerson
  • Nicole Lasher
  • Ivan Ovchinnikov
  • Juggaloshit
  • St.Pierre St.Pierre
  • Sarah Wooley
  • Martin Kwilosz
  • Randall McNeill
  • Eric Bartholow
  • Paulina Beerman
  • Christina Ike

These are your heroes – please make sure you reach out to them and give them a huge “WHOOP WHOOP!!”….

With gratitude for all those that donated to help when it was needed the most,

Bob & Lisa Adams and John Shaw

Owners/Management of Scrub Care Unit

from Faygoluvers


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