San Antonio Juggalo Saves Another’s Life at The Great Milenko Tour

Juggalos, it’s with great honor and respect that I get to share a story with you that I heard about over the weekend.  I was contacted by a friend of mine whose coworker knew someone at the San Antonio stop of The Great Milenko Tour.  During the show, something happened with a Juggalo in attendance, and another Juggalo sprung into action and essentially saved this ninja’s life.

I was given the contact info to this Juggalo hero named James Z., aka Hillbilly James.  He told his story as follows:


So I was at the Great Milenko show at Alamo City Music Hall and we were all having a great time…..chilling with the fam.  About halfway through the ICP set, a guy was carried out of the crowd.

Out of instinct for some reason I helped carry him outside, because that’s what fam does.  When we got him outside, some chick checked if he was breathing, and he wasn’t

I don’t know CPR at all, but something just told me I have to help this kid. (I don’t know who he his but I would like to get in contact with him if he sees this)

I started what I thought was CPR from what I’ve seen in my life.  I did chest compressions, then gave him mouth to mouth.  That’s when he came to.  The guy fell out and stopped breathing 3 times on us.  Seems I was the only willing to help him though.  I stayed with him till the ambulance arrived and they hauled him off.  The good thing is that this guy woke up to see another day.

Hillbilly James

WOW.  Much props to James for the quick thinking and actions!  It’s because of you that this ninja is hopefully still breathing today!  You are truly a hero, homie!  If anyone knows the Juggalo that James saved, please hit us with an email at!

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