Loc Saint – “Angelz & Demonz”

Heaven & Hell Collide with Legendary UG Artist Loc Saint’s New Album “Angelz & Demonz”. Featuring Heavy hitters such as: C.Ray (BrainSicc), Big Loony (CSD), Nautikal, Ben Blessed, Cult Classick, Myth, K-Fix, Sinizter and More…Loc Saint is back with his unique Hardcore Trigga’Tongue Flows Mixed with Angelic Harmonies.

Free Mixtape download: http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail-2015.php?id=855783

  1. Good Vs. Evil (Intro)
  2. More Then A Monster (Ft.Cult Classick)
  3. Recognition
  4. Insane Memoirs
  5. Get Kinetic
  6. Trigga’Zone (Ft.Myth, Big Loony)
  7. Locsterz Represent
  8. Traumatika (Ft.Sinizter, K-Fix)
  9. ‘N Love Witta Beat
  10. I Can’t Cry
  11. Chop Tonight (Ft.C.Ray)
  12. Let Go (Ft.Sinizter, Nautikal)
  13. Wasteland
  14. Life Is Yours (Ft.2Yaki)
  15. Hater Made
  16. Elevated State (Ft.Ben Blessed, Cult Classick)

from Faygoluvers


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