R.A. The Rugged Man Discusses His Gathering of the Juggalos Performance

R.A. The Rugged Man has just posted a status on his Facebook page regarding his performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Despite the city shutting down his set early, he still had a great time and is looking forward to coming back to the Gathering.

Check out his message from Facebook:

Yo! Juggalos get a bad rep.. honesty I got mad love for them.. Juggalos always show love if you rocking with them.. Dope energy… Last night the city shut down my show half way through my set but we kept rocking accapellas and got the crowd Beatboxing and one of the juggalos threw me a BULL HORN and I spit verses to the fans and kept the show rocking after they shut the power down… Everybody was chanting “Family, Family, Family”… I’m there for the fans, the city aint shutting me down, fuck that.. I’m glad I got to rock even if it wasn’t the full show… I’ll be back !!! Now I’m at the airport headed to SLOVAKIA to rock a show with ONYX !!!!

Also, Chad had the chance to catch up with RA on FB live, check it out below.

RA The Rugged Man Live Statement

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