Donations Needed for the Scrub Care Unit at GOTJ18

We got hit up by Bob Adams of the Scrub Care Unit who is looking for a little donation help.

For those who don’t know, the Scrub Care Unit has been a big presence at the past several Juggalo Gatherings. Their sole purpose is to make sure that ninjas who don’t have the things they need (be it food, water, or some other necessities) are taken care of.  The last thing we need is a Juggalo passing out (or worse) just because they didn’t have a bottle of water.

That’s where YOU come in!  This year, the Gathering is taking place in Oklahoma City.  It’s gonna be HOT.  The forecast looks like it’ll be hovering close to 100 degrees for the high every day.  One thing that Juggalos will need is Sun screen.  For those who don’t take the precautions, they will need Sunburn lotion to help cope with the burns.

As always, they look for other donations such as:

  • hot dogs
  • cases of water
  • First Aid items
  • hamburgers
  • clothing (specifically hoodies, flip flops)

If you AREN’T going to the Gathering and would still like to help, you can pitch in a few bucks via Paypal at  If you’re unsure of what to buy, PayPal is the best way to help.  Thanks to anyone who is able to help!

from Faygoluvers


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