Chucky Chuck speaks on the status of the Kottonmouth Kings

We get asked about the status of the Kottonmouth Kings pretty often.  I never know how to respond, because I don’t know what their status is either.  They’ve been booked on a few different gigs (including Juggalo Weekend 2017) and no-showed, and their social media hasn’t been updated consistently for a while now.

A publication called Vegas Cannabis Magazine just conducted an interview with Chucky Chuck, and he speaks a little bit on the situation.   After all of the drama between KMK and Kevin Zinger, he seems to have changed his tune as compared to when the issues first surfaced.  Here’s what he said.


My aspect was blind loyalty to one side, so I didn’t do too much research into what happened. Come to find out, I gather with that there was some kind of business dispute and they went their own ways due to drugs, other substances besides marijuana that got into people’s systems and it affected the way they think and organize work. They (KMK) start a new label and I was grateful to be a part of that legacy. The way things went down though, I’m very disappointed too. After the dust settled, people true’s colors shined through. it is what it is I guess. Shout out to Matt Hall for really puttin’ me on game, and respect to Kevin Zinger for what he’s always had going on.

You can see the full article below:

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